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Chimney Cleaning

Is your fire filling your home with smoke?

Does your fire no longer heat your home like it used to?

Has it been over a year since you last had your fire checked?

If you answered yes to any of the above, your fire may not be working efficiently and should be cleaned and serviced. 


There are a variety of reasons that your fire may not be burning well.

When you book with All Clear, we turn up at the agreed time. If, for some reason, we are running late, we will call you to let you know. 



Diagram showing how an unclean chimney starts a chimney fire.
fire emergency.jpg

Advanced technology & Attention to detail

Advanced Technology

Having the best equipment ensures that the job done is spotless inside the wear and tear on your chimney and guttering is minimised

Power sweeping technology

I have imported the best and latest in chimney sweeping equipment, the RodTech IRL power sweeper.Better cleaning than the old up and down brush, lots more soot collected. 


Climbing onto roofs with normal ladders may result in damage to your gutters or roofing material. To avoid this I use specialised equipment to keep the ladder away from the guttering and ensure safe access to your chimney..

Chimney Sweeping Kit Parts
Using climbing rope systems to access a steep roof


My caving and climbing experience have provided me with the rope skills necessary to add even more safety when working on steep roofs and in areas with difficult access. At times these areas may otherwise only be accessible by costly scaffolding. Difficult access area specialist.


What happens on the day my chimney is cleaned?

Before I arrive

  • The woodburner may be used the night before as long as the damper is left fully open at bedtime.

  • I need access to the inside woodburner unit, so please arrange for someone to be home or organise a way for me to enter.

  • I have all of the equipment & experience needed to carry out the job as a spotless, extremely clean operation.

My visit

  1. First I'll clean the flue & fire box.

  2. Once clean, I'll perform a full inspection to assure your woodburner will regain full efficiency.

  3. If I find anything that needs repair, after gaining your approval, I'll carry out the work as needed if I have the supplies to hand.  Some special order parts for some burners may need a second visit for installation / repair.


   4. An invoice/certificate is provided for every job. Online banking welcome.


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