Fireplace Service

Woodburner Maintenance


While cleaning your woodburner, multifuel burner, coal stove, cooking stove, or fireplace wetback system, more than 10 key elements will be inspected to make sure that it meets the safety and efficiency requirements.

I will report any observations or concerns. I'm able to carry out most maintenance on the day, such as replacing the door seal and replacing broken fire bricks, damper, cowl, removing bird nests & installing bird protection, adjusting your flue, and clearing any blockages...etc 

Make sure your fireplace is working efficiently so it will continue to keep your family warm for many years to come.

Firebricks / Refractory Bricks / Thermal Bricks


There are all sorts of fire bricks on the market - these are the insulation panels found on all sides, including the the ceiling (baffle) and floor, except the glass doors of your woodburner, and make the unit safe as well as more efficient. Some well known manufacturers of woodburners in New Zealand have chosen to use very poor quality bricks and consider them a consumable that help their bottom line with annual repeat sales.

Replacing these low quality fire bricks that don't hold up well in rapid temperature changes, will cost an average of $120 per year, to replace and keep your fireplace in good working condition.

I have carefully selected the very best available materials made in the EU to make long lasting fire bricks customised for any NZ woodburner size, at a very competitive price.