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Fireplace Service

Round Wood Burner
Woodburner Maintenance


While cleaning your woodburner, multifuel burner, coal stove, cooking stove, or fireplace wetback system, more than 10 key elements will be inspected to make sure that it meets the safety and efficiency requirements.

I will report any observations or concerns. I'm able to carry out most maintenance on the day, such as replacing the door seal and replacing broken fire bricks, damper, cowl, removing bird nests & installing bird protection, adjusting your flue, and clearing any blockages...etc 

Make sure your fireplace is working efficiently so it will continue to keep your family warm for many years to come.

Refractory Fire Bricks
Firebricks / Refractory Bricks / Thermal Bricks


Most fire bricks sold in retail places are pricey but do not last

Replacing fire bricks on the that don't hold up well in rapid temperature changes, may cost in excess of $60/ year, to replace and keep your fireplace in good working condition.

I'm now producing quality bricks, that can handle up to 1400 degrees Celcius.

Better quality, better price, and made right here on the West Coast

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