Access Jobs & Outdoor Maintenance

Gutter Cleaning


Don't let a small problem end in costly damage!  Blocked gutters can lead to damp, rotten houses and undermine foundations.


Don't let your gutters harm your house or your family's heath! In my experience, gutters should be cleaned at least yearly to avoid this happening, even with gutter protection.  While gutter protection reduces build up, it does not eliminate it and still requires maintenance.

During the cleaning, I will make sure the downpipes are functionning, and unblock them when needed.

If any issues are seen on the gutter or roof, I will report it to you.

Then when the storms hit, you can stay warm and dry.

Technical Inspection & Maintenance

Need to access your roof but don't like heights? Don't worry - difficult access areas, including roofs are my speciality. 


Any other jobs with difficult access will be considered - give me a call to discuss your needs today.

Water Blasting & Roof painting

Call Bruno today to get your roof, walls, patio floor, or anything else that is looking a bit grubby water blasted back into its original clean and sparkly condition.  


This is also an important first step for many painting, staining, and roof coatings.  Having a clean surface is imperative to a long lasting finish on your house paint, staining, or any other outdoor maintenance project involving artificial surfaces and coverings.

Painting, Staining & Waterproofing

Painting and staining your house can be a huge job, but to keep your largest investment in the best shape possible, you'll need to keep it waterproof and prevent rot. 

I have the equipment to clean and prepare the surfaces properly before starting the job, and  skills to reach all the areas of the outside of your house and property, that are needed to complete a superior house painting  staining project.

Make your roof and house look great, last longer, and regain its original level of waterproofing.